What are the Benefits of IPL?

September 17, 2018

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, also known as photofacial treatment, is an effective treatment for a number of age-related skin problems including acne and injury scarring, sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. Superficial wrinkles, those that exist near the skin surface and are non-set, can also be treated via IPL therapy. This treatment uses light energy, but it doesn’t affect the skin tissues quite the same way a laser does. This has many individuals confused about just how IPL treatments work to combat the visual signs of aging. We’ll explain how IPL photofacials can rejuvenate the skin as well as describe in detail the benefits and advantages of this revolutionary, effective treatment for aging skin.

Why is IPL so Popular?
The main reason is the simplicity of the treatment. No skin is ablated, no skin is repositioned, no harsh acids are used to burn or peel the skin away, and no abrasive resurfacing is performed. The benefits include near-immediate results, the ability to calibrate the instrument for effective treatment of nearly all skin tones, and no downtime after treatment.

How Does it Work?
White light, the kind that comes from your ceiling lamp or from the sun, is made up of a myriad of frequencies. When bent by clouds, sunlight frequencies can separate, and this is what causes a rainbow to appear. The same thing happens when light energy is emitted from an IPL device.

The IPL device emits a combination of wavelengths that are harmless to the epidermis. Instead, the energy is absorbed by capillaries, freckles, acne scars, and blemishes. These tissues are therefore slightly damaged. After several treatment sessions, they fade away noticeably, and the body replaces much of the damaged cells with healthier growth.

Quick Treatment For Damaged Skin
Each pulse of energy from the device lasts only a couple of milliseconds. We apply a soothing gel to the skin prior to treatment. Afterward, the skin may look a bit red, but this fades away in less than an hour. After about five treatment sessions, spaced out over a month or so, visual improvement is noticed by the client. Not only does IPL work to reduce the appearance of age spots and scarring, it also evens out the skin tone and improves the overall texture. It’s not very effective for smoothing deep wrinkles, but it certainly reduces the appearance of superficial ones. This treatment also results in significant collagen remodeling, an added bonus.

Get a More Youthful Appearance
Skin ablation and harsh, abrasive resurfacing isn’t for everyone. If you like the idea of smoother skin and better skin tone without the need for invasive procedures, then you’ll love the results of IPL photofacial treatments. Contact us today at Simply.Aesthetics for more information and to schedule your consultation today!

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