HCG Diet & Medical Weight Loss

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HCG Diet – Medical Weight Loss

Achieve your wellness goals with the HCG Diet & Medical Weight Loss Program in Manasquan and surrounding areas!

Finding the right weight loss program to help you achieve your aesthetic goals can be challenging, expensive, and discouraging. At Simply.Aesthetics, our medically supervised HCG Diet & Medical Weight Loss Program can not only help you improve your body shape, but can also help “reset” your metabolism to help you keep the weight off safely and effectively.

Located in Manasquan and proudly serving Point Pleasant, Colts Neck, and surrounding areas, Simply.Aesthetics is committed to helping you achieve beauty from the inside out using natural approaches and state-of-the-art technology. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how the HCG weight loss program can help you achieve your wellness goals.

What is the HCG Diet & Medical Weight Loss Program?

There are several over-the-counter weight loss solutions that claim to give you fast, dynamic results, but these methods do not address the underlying metabolic and hormonal reasons why your body gains weight. The HCG diet, endorsed by many physicians across the country including Dr. Oz, addresses your body’s specific needs for losing weight, leading to longer-lasting results.

How Does the HCG Diet & Medical Weight Loss Program Work?

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced by pregnant women. It has been found that this hormone, when used in small doses with a low-calorie diet, results in fat and inch loss by stimulating the breakdown of abnormal fat cells in the body. This stored fat is then released as extra energy.

Additionally, the hypothalamus is retrained, adjusting your metabolism to the new diet without the feelings of hunger that cause difficulty in most diet programs. The HCG diet is also different because it burns fat instead of muscle, helping you keep the weight off once the program is complete.

HCG Diet & Medical Weight Loss in Manasquan, Point Pleasant, and Colts Neck

At Simply.Aesthetics, our HCG programs are either 23 or 40 days and are created after a thorough medical screening and physical exam to ensure patient safety and health throughout the program. We only utilize injectable HCG and will monitor your progress weekly with weigh-ins and blood pressure checks.

Vitamin B12 and MIC/Slim Injections

To help maintain your energy and burn fat throughout your program, we use Vitamin B12 and MIC/Slim injections as complementary remedies. These custom add-ons to your HCG diet program also help with detoxifying your liver and boosting your metabolism. We also offer the option of a full hormone evaluation in patients who qualify.

Contact Simply.Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out how our HCG Diet & Medical Weight Loss Program can help you achieve your goals with real, sustainable weight loss.

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