Joanne’s Corner: Cool Body Contouring

January 21, 2015

Happy Sunday it has been an eventful week for Us. I had my Cool Body Contouring treatment on Monday while watching The Movie LUCY in our CoolsSculpting Sanctuary, as I call it. It was totally painless and actually relaxing. The treatment is the ONLY NON Surgical, NON invasive method to PERMANENTLY RID your body of fat cells without any needles or scalpels. It is FDA approved for this which is not the case for other proposed treatments. Come by and I will do a complimentary consult and tell you if you are a candidate for this amazing technology.
WED January 28 we are having a Great event with the CARLISLE Collection being unveiled in OUR Spa. The clothes are amazing and very limited and Kathleen will Get you glamorous for the spring. While at 6PM we are performing a COOLSCULPTING Demo which Will make those new clothes fit much better!!
Have a truly blessed day and week and stop by this week to see what Cool Body Contouring can do for you!!! Just ask for Joanne.

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