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The Jaw Defines You – The Modern Man Podcast

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The Jaw Defines You – The Modern Man Podcast

This is Dr. Robert Frankel. I’m an emergency medicine and anti-aging physician and welcome to the Modern Man Podcast. In this podcast, we talk about important topics for men, which include male aesthetics, health and wellness. But most importantly, we try to remove the stigma of male aesthetics because I think that it’s important to understand what men can do for aesthetics and how important it is for their social and psychological well-being, and ultimately just to feel and look good. So take the journey with me. It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be fun. So enjoy it. I think the next episode will be really interesting and informative. So, take a listen, hope you enjoy it. Again, this is Dr. Rob Frankel. Enjoy the episode. Thank you.

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So today we’re gonna be talking about the jaw and how the jawline creates balance in our face and how important it is. In my opinion, the jawline actually is the center of gravity of the entire face. Now, what do I mean by that? So when you look at … As we age, certain things become apparent. The one thing that a lot of people look at, they see that under their chin and around their neck area, they’ll see things like … that they recognize as kind of sagginess in the neck, which they call like a double chin or a bull neck, or even, a turkey neck. They’ll see something around the jaw, which they call the jowls, which I’ll talk a little bit more about. And then around the mouth, there’s also lines that are created from a weak jawline. So jawlines do project strength, especially in men, and it does affect our youthfulness.

So I’m gonna do a little exercise kinda later in the podcast with you so we can kind of discuss this a little bit further. But it is really important to kind of think about the fact that when you look at your jaw and the jawline and how it looks today compared to how it did, maybe, you know, years ago, you could see that around the jaw, above and below, … it may look very different. And a lot of the things that have changed have created that difference. And a lot of the things that bother you, possibly, like I said, around the neck, around the mouth, things that we feel that age us or even they feel that we carry weight in certain areas of our face are because of the fact that our jawline has become weaker and not as kind of defined.

So I’m gonna talk a little bit about like, how do we define our jawline? Like how do we get that strength back? And there are different ways that we can do it. I’m gonna talk and discuss the different methods in medical aesthetics that you can achieve this. So the first thing is that we look at, again, the strength of the face. And the strength of the face, you know, starts with the jawline. Now, I go back to when I was in college, we used to play this video game, and this will age me a little bit. It was a Mike Tyson game, if any of you guys remember this, that the first boxer was the guy named Glass Joe. And he used to have a glass jaw. Thus the weakness of the jaw was the kind of prominent feature of this weak…weak boxer. That being said, Mike Tyson, who I actually did meet once, when I was in upstate New York in college, definitely did not have a weak jaw. He had a very high soprano voice, but definitely not a weak jaw.

That being said, he … You want to look at… kind of above and below the jawline. And that’s how a lot of people kind of focus their attention, because they don’t really think about like, well … so what is my problem? It’s my neck. It’s around, above that area, around my mouth, around my chin. These are the things that we look at and kind of seem to think that these are the biggest problems. But I’m here to tell you that actually if you improve your jawline and strengthen it, a lot of those problems will improve.

So let’s talk about the things that we commonly think of when we talk about fixing the area around the jawline. So, you can do things that will improve the neck area, which will lift the neck. One of the things that we talked about in the last podcast was radiofrequency, Radiofrequency with Microneedling, is even better because of the fact that you’re actually increasing the texture tone of the… of the skin.  Of course, you remember that when we talk about the texture and tone, you need to get into the deep layers of the skin to improve and to tighten. So, Radiofrequency improves this by getting into the subcutaneous tissue where this fat and connective tissue. And so that is going to cause the ability for the tightening of the … subcutaneous tissue, which creates the lift. The Microneedling, which is going to work in the dermal layer, that’s going to create the organized injury that we talked about in podcast number two. That creates the improvement of the collagen and elastin. So, the elastin really does help to make the skin more … elastic. And this is important because I’m gonna talk about a couple of procedures, and … I’ve had some patients that have had certain things done that didn’t work out for them, and they came to see me. And I’m gonna tell you why it didn’t work out because you have to realize that when certain things are fixed, certain other problems can be caused.

So we need to kind of make sure that when we’re improving one thing, we’re not causing another problem somewhere else. So radio frequency and microneedling is an excellent choice because of the fact that what it does, is it actually helps the neck area improve because you’re lifting that region, but it’s also creating the texture and tone and elasticity of the skin that you’re gonna need when you’re tightening the area under … the neck and under the jawline essentially. So, you’re not actually improving the jawline per se, … it is creating a more defined jawline in a way because of the fact that you’re not seeing that kind of weakness … under the jawline anymore because of the fact that the, skin is tighter around that. So that’s one idea.

Now another, another procedure that a lot of people do, and I’m gonna talk a little bit about that, and for some people, it works great is deoxycholic acid. So, deoxycholic acid … is essentially a bile salt. It’s something that dissolves fat. And so for patients who have… like a large area of fat underneath their neck, this is, you know, possibly a great option for them. Now, what I’m gonna tell you about this is that you know, this is a procedure where you’re going to inject the area, where the fat is, it’s gonna cause, you know, a dissolving of the fat.

Now, with that, there’s definitely some downtime because the area is going to swell. … It becomes painful because of the fact that you’re essentially having an enzymatic reaction where you’re breaking down this fat underneath the skin. For some people, this is a great option, and I’m not gonna mention the specific products. The one that’s FDA-`approved, I guess it’s Kybella, but there’s … other people have used, Mesotherapy. That’s been out there for years but Kybella is the one product that’s been FDA-approved. The one issue with this, and you have to kind of think about it, is that when you dissolve the fat, then it’s not going to affect the skin around it. And for some people that is going to become an issue, because of the fact that if the fat is dissolved, then you’re going to lose that fat.

It’s going to become smaller, but the skin around it is not gonna be affected by dissolving that fat. And so what happens for some patients, and I’m not saying this is for all. And this is why it’s so important for you to talk to your practitioner and make sure that whatever you’re doing is right for you. Because of the fact that there are so many patients that I’ve spoken to that come in and say, well, I saw this on an ad, I read about this, this is what I want, and I’ll sit down with them and … I will have to talk them down from the ledge