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The Facial Features That Make the Action Star with Gullicksen

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The Facial Features That Make the Action Star with Gullicksen

This is Dr. Robert Frankel. I’m an emergency medicine and anti-aging physician, and welcome to the Modern Man Podcast. In this podcast, we talk about important topics for men, which include male aesthetics, health and wellness. But most importantly, we try to remove the stigma of male aesthetics because I think that it’s important to understand what men can do for aesthetics and how important it is … for their social and psychological well-being. And ultimately just to feel and look good. So take the journey with me. It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be fun. So enjoy it. I think the next episode will be really interesting and informative, so take a listen. Hope you enjoy it. Again, this is Dr. Rob Frankel. Enjoy the episode. Thank you.

So today’s podcast is very exciting. We’re going to be talking about the facial features of the Subtle Action Star, and who better to talk about it with one of the most established movie journalists that I know Zoe Gullicksen, she has spoken to and been … interviewed people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Spielberg, Winona Ryder. 

She has been all over. She’s an established author. She has a very, very exciting book that’s coming out soon. We’re excited to see it. And … we are excited to talk to her because she knows the movie business and she also knows the aesthetic business. We are … she has a very, very interesting background. So we are excited to talk to her. We’re going to talk about the aesthetics part of what makes up the facial features of a subtle Action Star. And we’re gonna talk about like the movie business as well. So it’s kind of a little bit of both. And I thought that who better to speak to about this than Zoe. Because Zoe actually has been on both sides. The reason why we know Zoe so well is because Zoe … knows the business of movies, because like I said, she was a great movie journalist. She’s gone and kind of … had met and interviewed all these movie stars, talked to them, has been a great author. She is a great author, but she also has been in the aesthetic business. She, in her spare time actually … was just happened to be an office manager at a med spa. A med spa that I know pretty well. So let’s introduce and let’s give a very warm welcome to the Modern Man podcast to Zoe Gullicksen. Welcome, Zoe.

Thank you, Dr. Frankel.

So Zoe, … it’s very exciting to have you. It’s going to be a really … interesting podcast and we’re gonna talk a little bit about movies. We’re gonna talk a little bit about facial features. And … so what do you think? What do you think is gonna be the most interesting thing to you that we’re gonna get into?

Well, for one, I love being back here because I’m the one that always kept you on your toes, so I’m glad to be back here doing that, first of all.

Yes, yes. 

Two, I love talking movies with you. It was always one of my favorite parts of this job. And three, you’re completely right. I love seeing … being a part of the movie industry and then also working in the aesthetics industry and seeing how you can tell, … looking at an actor close up and seeing if they’ve had work done, if they’ve looked natural, or if people now will ask me, oh, this person, this actor looks really great. This woman looks great. Oh my God, Jane Fonda, can you believe that she’s 82? And I’m like, well, she’s just had a really great doctor.

That’s the reason why she looks great compared to someone else who might not look as great. And it all comes down to the person they go to, to have their work done. So this is a really fun topic, and I’m so excited to be talking about this with you today.

I know it’s very true because I do remember that … we did have a lot of good times in our … Facebook lives, in our different YouTube videos. You did keep me on my toes. We definitely had some good direction … that you put me in that we made sure that those Facebook lives were a little bit more than the average Facebook Lives. Don’t you think? Like they ..

Oh, absolutely. We know how to have fun here, but also I tend to bully people around, but it’s what everybody needed. So I don’t regret it.

… No, that’s true. That’s true. But don’t you remember that we really kind of … … we really were able to make every, you know, shot … just a little bit, you know, close to almost like a horror movie, I used to think.

Oh, absolutely, very cinematic, made sure all the different angles had good lighting, the music, you know, we’re, we provide all services here at our med spa,

Absolutely. So we’re gonna talk a lot about different facial features. And so you got to meet a lot of these actors … and you got to interview a bunch of them. So we’re going to take a look at some of the features of them … and then you can chime in and let me know, like … does this kind of jive with what you kind of saw when you interviewed them? … And I’m gonna talk a little bit about like what the specific features of, you know, … the most popular, you know, models and some of the more common actors are presenting with currently. Some of the things are really interesting that I learned, actually, that you might be surprised at.

Oh, please. Because I love the inside scoop on the movie industry. In fact, I do have one thing to tell you, that I don’t think I’ve ever told you before … is that … I have to keep my source to myself because, you know, as a good journalist, I can’t reveal my sources. But when Scarlet Johansson did Lost in Translation with Bill Murray directed by Sophia Coppola, which won an Academy Award for best original screenplay. Sophia Coppola only provided the cast with seafood on set, and it was filmed in Japan. And Scarlet Johansson hated seafood and she hated sushi so she only ate McDonald’s. And the next film she did was Girl with a Pearl Earring and she had such bad acne from just eating McDonald’s.  The entire time … during Girl with a Pearl Earring, you see her head scarf slowly get … go further back on her forehead because as filming went on, her acne went away. But it was so bad from the stress and the junk food that even an actress like Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow herself, like can … if you eat poorly …

This is …

This is … it affects your skincare guys. So don’t eat fast food.

There you go, see. Scarlett Johansson eats McDonald’s.


Now we know.

Now we know. So even her … Even she cannot avoid the repercussions of eating fast food. But please tell me all of your inside things Dr. Frankel. Because I wanna know what you know about aesthetics and actors in Hollywood.

Yeah, well, I’m gonna tell you, so, I mean, you know, back in the … if you look at some of the movies from the 1950s, and I know you watch a lot of them.