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Hair Loss Secrets You Didn’t Know – Part 1

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Hair Loss Secrets You Didn’t Know – Part 1

Dr. Frankel: Okay, guys, welcome to the podcast today. It’s very exciting. It’s a great topic actually. I’ve been excited to do this topic for a long time. And we’re here to do the topic and … the topic is gonna be on hair restoration. I waited to do this topic for a few reasons. Not to grow back hair, that was not what… the reason. But, the main reason is to… get the most research that we can because there’s a lot of things that happen over the last, you know, few years with hair restoration, the newest kind of cutting edge data. And so, I wanted to try to get the best kind of research, the things that are working the best, the things that are not working as well. And so I’m going to… I’m gonna put it out to you, in as best fashion as I can. Give you the best data, the research that shows that things that are working, things that are not working, and things that are kind of, you know, are less consistent than others. So, I think we’ve got a pretty good handle on what we’re gonna be dealing with today. So, of course, I have my, trustee co-host again with me today, Zoe. Welcome back, Zoe.

Zoe: Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure as always and we’re getting the full treatment today here at the Modern Man Podcast. Our assistant producer, Joanne, she’s our camera girl. She also hooked me up with an IV…

Dr. Frankel: Oh wow. 

Zoe: For vitamin therapy, because I’m nursing a migraine. So shout out to her. Make sure if you also need … if you’re feeling dehydrated or if you’re just getting over cold or, like me, I struggle with migraines, come to Simply.Aesthetics, so you can get an IV.

Dr. Frankel: Oh yes. Absolutely

Zoe: So shout out to her.

Dr. Frankel: Yes, thank you. Our producer because she helps us in so many ways and she helps the podcast go on because it’ll probably be hard… for you to go on with this podcast … with your migraine. So it’s a good thing

Zoe: Absolutely. Yeah. So shout out to Joanne.

Dr. Frankel: Shout out Joanne. Good job

Zoe: Maybe we’ll get her to come on the podcast one day. 

Dr. Frankel: Yes.

Zoe: We’ll see. We’ll, we’ve been trying for a while.

Dr. Frankel: Yes. We’ll have to twist her arm but we’ll see. 

Zoe: But yeah, I’m really excited about today’s topic. This is the technology in the last couple of years has really advanced in hair restoration. And I know this is a topic that you care a lot about and I’m excited that we’re finally getting to talk about it.

Dr. Frankel: Yeah, I think a lot of people in the community have, you know, The Modern Man Community have kind of asked me about it. You know… a lot of people talk about it. It has been something that a lot of people, both men and women have discussed. So, you know, I think that it’s something that is really timely. You know, just to go back to, you know, like as far as, you know, our… we always go to our, you know, like our cultural icons. And, I think the first icon who was, you know, had no hair on TV was, Telly Savalas, right? 

Zoe: As he played … Yes, as Kojak.

Dr. Frankel: Yes. 

Zoe: The detective.

Dr. Frankel: Yes

Zoe: Before that… Since him, the only leading men that I can think of are like Bruce Willis. 

Dr. Frankel: Yes. 

Zoe: And Sean Connery. But nobody… not everyone can pull off the Bruce Willis look.

Dr. Frankel: Yes. I think Ving Rhames, I mean, he’s done a couple of movies where he was.

Zoe: That’s true. 

Dr. Frankel: Yeah. But yes, it’s true. Like… But Telly Savalas was like, I think the first, but interestingly enough, in the research I did for the podcast, there was a lot of, pictures where Telly Savalas had hair.  

Zoe: Do you think it was a hairpiece?

Dr. Frankel: I don’t know.


Dr. Frankel: That’s a good question

Zoe: Well, if you are someone that has to wear a hairpiece like a toupee –

Dr. Frankel: Yes. 

Zoe: – and you don’t like doing it, I think you’ll learn some useful information today, in today’s episode.

Dr. Frankel: I think so. So, yeah. So … let’s talk a little bit about the different types of … so … this is gonna be a pretty comprehensive podcast. We’ll see if we could make it in one podcast. We might have to break it up to two. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Zoe: There’s a lot of information.

Dr. Frankel: There’s a lot of information and, we’ll do our best to see what we do. But we’re … I’m not gonna… cheat you guys. So we’re going to… I’m gonna give you all the information and if I have to do it in two