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Brotox: The Guys Version Of Botox – The Modern Man Podcast

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Brotox: The Guys Version Of Botox – The Modern Man Podcast

This is Dr. Rob Frankel. I am an emergency medicine and Anti-aging Physician and welcome to the Modern Man Podcast. We are entering this space where we are going to be talking about male … male aesthetics, male health, male wellness, and it’s going to be a fun experience for all of us. Things that many of us are maybe uncomfortable, maybe there’s a stigma to it, um, but things that we want to, as we get older, really understand and really know. So, it’s gonna be a cool experience for everyone. We’re gonna be talking about all different topics. There’s gonna be heavy on aesthetics. We’re gonna be talking about injectables, we’re gonna be talking about Botox, we’re gonna be talking about all different, you know, skincare. But also we are gonna be talking about health and wellness hormone, hormone therapy, as well as we’re gonna be talking about, um, you know, health, and fitness IV therapy. So, take the journey with me, it’s gonna be lots of fun. Today’s … episode should be lots of fun, so enjoy it, and welcome to the podcast.

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So, in this episode, we’re gonna talk a little bit about what we call Brotox. Now, Brotox is the accepted way that we, as guys discuss using Botox. Botox for a lot of guys, um, they are a little uncomfortable with, there’s a little bit of a stigma, but actually, Botox is a really helpful tool for guys.  A lot of times when I talk to guys about, using Botox, they’ll think that they don’t wanna look plastic, they don’t want to look like the late Joan Rivers. But the reality is that as we age, we want to get to the point where we don’t want to see the lines around our eyes. Those lines, we affectionately call crow’s feet in the aesthetic world. We don’t wanna see the lines between our eyes, those lines we call the elevens and the forehead lines as well.

Now you can have these lines still present and they could just be softened.  So, you can still have a more youthful appearance and still be rugged, … as a guy. Or you can completely get rid of these lines and have a more smooth appearance. There is … there are different ways to do Botox so that way you don’t always have a completely plastic appearance. And most of my patients will tell you that I always create a more natural appearance, for my patients. And that’s our goal…is to always look natural. Because that’s really what you want to do. You want to have something where somebody looks at you and says they’re not sure what you did, but you just look more refreshed. You look more awake. You look younger, you look, just look better. And that’s really the whole point of it.

You go get haircuts, you go get, you go to the gym, you go to …  places just to take care of yourself. And Botox is just that type of thing that … we should be doing as well. So, it really is something that everyone should kind of consider. And I’ll talk a little bit about it. If you do, you know… if guys have it done correctly, Botox is, is very different than when women get it done. Now, when women get it done, the things that they want to have done is they want their eyebrows very high. Um, a lot of times, and, and some guys like this too, but for the most part they don’t. And they want kind of … just flattened appearance of their forehead. Where for guys, you know, we want a more kind of just refreshed look, definitely smoothness around your eyes because that kind of gives you that … kind of awake appearance, kind of that, you know, more youthful appearance and just, you know, more of… a more happy appearance.

One of the things that you find that as we get older … just as our mouth actually starts to turn downwards, which I’ll talk about in some later episodes, which is really interesting. A … lot of the things on our faces start to change and kind of turn downwards… and it gives us kind of a … unhappy look or just, you know, … just not like our cheerful self. Our eyes also start to turn downwards as well. And when that happens, it also gives us that appearance of maybe not only being more awake or more youthful but it also kind of gives you kind of a less happy appearance. And when you do something like Botox, what it does is it gives you that appearance that the eyes actually come … to a more neutral place.

And if I had the, you know, the ruler and I’d be able to show you. But it’s basically your eyes would be coming, you know, more to a neutral area, and … you’re not having that downward appearance. And so what that does is it doesn’t give you that kind of, that more sad look or more tired look or, you know, more kind of worn down look. It gives you more kind of that youthful kind of awake and more happy look. And so that’s what really, part of the appeal of getting Botox around the eyes is. Now around the area … between the eyes. Now, this is an interesting, uh, look because a lot of times when people have that kind of furrow around the eyes, like in between the eyes, they call it the elevens. So the elevens is that line that’s created between, the eyebrows.

And you could see if you take a look and you kind of make a, you know, scrunchy face in the mirror, you’ll see that the … you’ll make an 11 with it, right? So if you have that, more often than not, … a lot of times it gives you the appearance that you’re angry. And one of the funny things is that a lot of my patients, both my male and female patients that come see me,.. they say that when they do get Botox, a lot of times their kids don’t know that they’re angry at them anymore. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, … but the point is that, when you’re presenting yourself, you don’t want to present yourself as somebody who’s angry, right? You want to present yourself as somebody who’s more, appealing, more kind of approachable for whatever it is. Whether you’re talking about your just day-to-day or day-to-day life, whether it is in, you know, work or whether it is in any, you know, like social setting. You wanna be more approachable. And so, helping to make the elevens a little less noticeable, or actually … with Botox, they essentially go away for the period of time that the Botox is there. You actually don’t have that appearance of kind of that angered appearance or your like, hmm, pensive appearance I guess you would say. So, you can easily get rid of that with a little Botox.

And then the last thing that we work with guys is their forehead. And a lot of times you notice that you have, you know, just from whether worry lines or just kinda every day to day, you develop these kinds of creases in your forehead and, sometimes they give you that,… appearance of being, you know, … your long experience or… the long days of, you know, work that you’ve done. But, you know, it does kind of age you as well. So, you can also kind of lighten the… appearance of those lines as well with Botox.

So, you can do Botox without looking fake. That’s the first kind of lesson that I’m going to tell you. When my guys come in to see me, I tell them that, look, we’re not going to make you look plastic. We’re not going to look… you’re not gonna look fake. You’re going to just look more refreshed, you’re going to look happier. And it’s, most of the people that see you won’t even realize you had it done. And so… that’s really the goal of what you want to do when you do Botox.

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So I know that a lot of you think that if you do this and you would try Botox, you’d be the only one. I could tell you the reality is, is that over the last four to five years that in practice, that our practice probably started, it was about 25 to 30% of men that were coming to get injectables and aesthetics. Now that number has kind of reached up to 40 to 45%. And my goal is to have even a larger percentage of male patients because I think that you realize that once you start doing it… the guys that do it are really happy and it’s just kind of the first time that you do it, that’s … the kind of the fun thing. Now, a lot of times … the first time we have patients, it’s their partner who is doing it and they’re sitting in the chair and I’ll kind of coax them and I’m like …try it and