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Why Use Medical-Grade Skin Care Products?

    The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Every single year, billions of people around the globe spend their hard-earned money in an attempt to improve the way they look. Some brands of cosmetic products are so well known that they are a household name. Over-the-counter cosmetics and skin care products can range from the inexpensive to the very expensive.

    The benefits that come from using over-the-counter cosmetics and skin care products pale when compared to those offered by medical-grade skin care products. You may ask yourself why medical-grade products are better than those offered over-the-counter. In part, it is because over-the-counter cosmetic products only have a trace amount of active ingredients. Therefore, they require a person to use more of the ingredient, buy the product more frequently and settle for less than stellar results.

    Over-the-counter skin care products are not designed to penetrate the skin. This means that in some cases, they are simply not effective. In other cases, any effect they have on the skin is temporary at best. Over-the-counter products will never have the power needed to treat underlying skin conditions that lead to premature aging.

    This is because over-the-counter products by their very definition are designed to be used by everyone. They have just enough of the active ingredient that allows the company to say it has the ingredient, but it does not have enough of the ingredient to truly treat or repair any skin problems you may have.

    Medical-grade skin care products are designed to meet a standard that far exceeds what you will find over-the-counter. If a medical-grade product says that it can treat a particular condition, it must have the scientific support to back up that claim. This is because medical-grade skin care products are pharmaceuticals. They are medicine, and they have been approved by the FDA for use as such.

    Medical-grade skin care products are designed by researchers, scientists and doctors. Before they can be offered to the public, they must undergo extensive clinical trials. They are only available with a doctor’s prescription. This means that you will only get the skin care product that you actually need, and you will have a medical professional supervising how you administer the product.

    Having beautiful skin does not just mean you do not have wrinkles. It means that you have brighter skin, an even tone and your skin is tight. In order to get the effects you desire, you need a product that is strong enough to work beneath the surface of the skin. Regular and consistent use of medical-grade skin care products will thicken your skin, strengthen the outer layers of your skin and encourage your body to produce more collagen. The overall effect is that your skin will be more radiant, more youthful and healthier.

    Simply.Aesthetics offers a wide variety of medical-grade skin care products. Our team of experienced professionals can help you determine which products are best for your skin type. Our office is located in Manasquan and we proudly serve the NYC area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more.