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Who Can Benefit From a PRP Facial?

    Your face is one of the first areas where signs of aging start to show up. This can be related to a variety of factors, including the fact that your facial skin is particularly thin and delicate, as well as the fact that your face is open to plenty of toxins, pollution, and sun exposure every day. Therefore, your face can quickly become dry, dull, spotted and wrinkled even if you are doing your best to treat it with over-the-counter topical products. The problem with this is that these products do not reach below the surface of your skin. What you need is a treatment that turns on the healing processes of your own body deep within the skin to create a youthful glow while also eliminating many of the minor symptoms of skin aging. A great option for you may be a PRP facial.

    What is a PRP Facial?

    A PRP facial uses the client’s own blood to bring about amazing benefits. It takes advantage of the healing properties of the blood to help the client grow stronger and healthier tissues beneath the skin.

    During the treatment, a sample of blood is taken and then put in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood. The PRP facial combines the healing power of your platelets with the amazing benefits of micro needling. Your platelets are rubbed into your skin with the tiny micro needling device. Your body then rushes its own healing chemicals to the sites of microscopic injury to strengthen and beautify the area, and the PRP gets to work to create faster and better healing.

    What are the Benefits of a PRP Facial?

    There are many benefits of a PRP facial because the benefits of micro needling are being combined with the benefits of PRP treatments. Micro needling is highly-effective because it reaches beneath the surface of the skin. PRP is particularly well-loved because it generally shortens healing time and amplifies any benefits that you would see with a micro needling treatment.

    After your treatment, you’ll gradually notice smoother, better-toned skin with a renewed glow. Minor signs of aging, such as fine lines and enlarged pores, should also decrease. This minimally-invasive treatment can also decrease hyperpigmentation, minimize scarring and tighten skin.

    Whether you live in NYC or the surrounding area, feel free to schedule a consultation at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, NJ to learn more information about a PRP facial. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started!