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Vitamin Drip Therapy / B12 MIC injections


    Hydration is important for your skin, your recovery, and your overall health but trying to drink enough water every day can become a chore. At i.hydrate at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, NJ, we have a solution called vitamin drip therapy. Our IV hydration and IV therapy treatments are completely customizable and will hydrate your body. And, we can custom tailor treatments with B 12 MIC injections to help you reach your body goals.

    Vitamin Drip Therapy: IV Therapy and IV Hydration

    Vitamin drip therapy is such an effective form of hydration because it uses a unique delivery system to give the body the fluids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs to thrive.

    Our experts will administer an IV into your veins to deliver hydrating fluids directly into your bloodstream during the treatment process. Because this treatment process bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, your body can use and absorb 100% of the vitamins administered during the treatment process.

    The Treatment Process

    IV hydration treatments allow you to enhance your body composition and improve your health by fully hydrating your muscles and entire system with vitamins and nutrients. You no longer have to spend your day drinking gallons of water; instead, you can schedule a quick and efficient treatment here at our office.

    Treatment times range from 30 to 60 minutes, during which you’ll be able to sit back and relax as the IV fluids enter your system and work to fully hydrate your body and deliver a customized IV cocktail to enhance your health and wellness. Our IV treatments:

    • Deliver hydration
    • Promote relaxation
    • Prevent illness
    • Reduce stress levels
    • Rejuvenate and revitalize the body
    • Boost immunity
    • Hydrate the muscles
    • Deliver anti-aging benefits
    • Improve skin health

    In-Office Vitamin Drip Therapy

    Our in-office vitamin drip therapy treatments are customized to the needs of each of our patients. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health, cleanse your system, boost your immune system, clear your skin, or anything in between, we have a solution that can help you meet your health and wellness goals. IV hydration is beneficial because it can boost your immune system and energy levels.

    The treatment has a much higher cellular absorption rate versus the oral route, where you rely on your daily vitamins and a glass of water. The right combination of vitamins and minerals can help enhance muscle recovery and increase endurance, hydrate your body, give it the anti-inflammatory benefits it needs to thrive, and even improve your skin health and deliver anti-aging benefits. Regardless of your needs or your health and wellness goals, there is an IV therapy treatment that will help you look and feel your best.

    Vitamin Therapy Options

    Shore Cure

    Our Shore Cure IV therapy cocktail is the perfect solution for patients who have been dealing with late nights, either studying, preparing for a big presentation, or as a side effect of a busy schedule. If you’ve been staying up late, sleeping less, working late, or traveling on late flights, this cocktail will rehydrate your body in less than an hour. The Shore Cure contains our signature combination of B vitamins, Zofran, and Toradol in a saline solution.


    Our Revitalize cocktail is like a designer cup of coffee. This cocktail contains vitamin B complex and Toradol and is designed to deliver anti-inflammatory benefits. If you have a busy week ahead of you, this is the perfect treatment to schedule to prepare your body to tackle whatever comes your way while fighting off the inflammation that often accompanies a packed or stressful schedule.

    Immunity Boost

    Your immunity is everything, and because different factors can affect your immunity, including stress, you need to take steps to strengthen your immune system. If you want to fight off or prevent illness, the Immunity Boost is the perfect option. Most people reach for more chewable vitamin C or zinc tablets to strengthen their immune system without realizing that the body excretes most of those vitamins as waste after passing through the gastrointestinal tract.

    If you want an immune system boost that will deliver results, this IV hydration cocktail will give you exactly that. The Immunity Boost cocktail contains vitamins B and C in a saline solution to boost immunity, strengthen your immune system, and increase your energy levels.


    You don’t have to endure a long detox diet to cleanse your system. Instead, you can schedule an IV therapy treatment at our office and choose our Cleanse cocktail. This particular IV is designed to flush your system with saline fluid to eliminate toxins and hydrate your body. It delivers glutathione to your system, a substance containing different amino acids that help promote increased immune system function and provide antioxidants to the body.


    Beautiful skin takes the right products, treatments, and diet, but your skin also needs hydration. Without it, the skin is more prone to lines and wrinkles. You will love our Glow cocktail if you want to hydrate your skin and experience some immediate anti-aging benefits.

    This IV treatment contains glutathione and vitamin C in a saline solution that will immediately brighten, rejuvenate, and lighten your skin and give it that healthy glow. Glow is the perfect treatment to add to your skincare routine to help you maintain beautiful skin year-round.


    Intense workouts may help you reach your body goals, but your endurance and recovery will suffer if your system isn’t properly hydrated. Our Body IV cocktail contains carnitine, an amino acid that can help enhance fat burning, increase endurance levels, and help promote recovery while preventing muscle fatigue. It can also help you recover from those strenuous workouts while regulating your blood sugar levels and helping you reach your fitness goals.

    B12 MIC Injections

    B12 MIC injections are the perfect add-on treatment to IV therapy to promote increased energy levels. We administer these injections every week to help patients reach their health and fitness goals. They are specifically designed to increase your activity levels, promote carbohydrate metabolism, fight stress and depression, and give you the energy boost you need to power through your workouts, burn fat, and get one step closer to your ideal physique.

    Who Is a Candidate?

    Since our vitamin drip therapy and B12 MIC injections are completely customizable, men and women of all ages, from all walks of life, with all different health and wellness goals, make good candidates for IV therapy and energy boosting, fat burning injections. An initial consultation is the best way to determine which IV cocktail is right for you. Our experts will meet with you to discuss your health and wellness goals, hydration goals, and health history.

    Then, they’ll create a customized treatment plan for you with one or more of our unique IV cocktails. During the course of your treatment, you may need a different cocktail to meet your current needs. We will discuss your health at each visit to ensure that you receive the right combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and hydrating fluids you need at the time of treatment.

    Hydrate Your Body

    You don’t have to choke down vitamins or drink gallons of fluids every day to give your body what it needs to perform optimally. All you need is the right IV therapy treatment to look and feel your best and meet your health and wellness goals. Our experts are ready to help you experience all the benefits of complete hydration and increased energy through vitamin drip therapy and B12 MIC injections.