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Target Stubborn Body Fat with Coolsculpting

    There are countless people who struggle with stubborn deposits of fat in specific body areas. These might exist at the back of the arms, around the midsection or between the thighs. Unfortunately, dieting and exercise alone are incapable of altering a person’s physical proportions. When people lose weight, they lose it uniformly. This means that whenever pounds are dropped, all parts of the body will become smaller in relation to the others. Thus, if you had love handles before your diet, these same features will continue to exist even after your goal weight has been reached. The only sure way to dramatically alter your physique is by having a targeted, fat removal procedure performed. Fortunately, Coolsculpting® has made it easier than ever before for people to get the proportions and dimensions that they’ve always wanted.

    Discover the Benefits of Fat-Freezing Technologies
    Unlike other fat loss procedures, Coolsculpting® is not classified as an invasive procedure given that it does not entail actual cutting or tissue removal. Instead, this treatment effectively freezes unwanted fat right where it is. Once this has been accomplished, the body will do the rest by breaking down and flushing out the affected fat cells. In short, this fat-freezing technology breaks down targeted fat cells so that these can be metabolized and expelled over time.

    No Downtime and No Special Aftercare
    Like all other non-invasive procedures, Coolsculpting® entails minimal risk and requires no recovery or special after care. Time varies from patient to patient. The number of treatment areas and their size will affect treatment times. After treatment, you are able to resume your normal everyday activities right away.

    Boost Your Confidence and Your Motivation
    Coolsculpting® can eliminate troublesome, stubborn fat to dramatically enhance a person’s confidence. After months or even years of using targeted, toning exercises to change the overall appearance and proportions of their physiques, many dieters become discouraged. Given just how fast and effective Coolsculpting® is, this is the perfect procedure for those who want to feel better about themselves and increase their motivation.

    So why wait any longer to have your stubborn fat removed? To schedule a consultation, you can contact our office in Manasquan. We also happily serve clients in NYC and the surrounding areas. CoolSculpting® can help you finish what you started when you began to workout and diet to sculpt your body! Contact us today to make an appointment at Simply.Aesthetics!