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Medical Weight Loss


    At Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, NJ, we know that losing weight can be difficult and leave you discouraged, especially when you’re not reaching your goals as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for a way to reset your metabolism, lose weight safely and effectively, and maintain that weight loss long-term, we can help. We offer medical weight loss programs custom-tailored to your needs so that you can improve your health, your appearance, and your confidence.

    What Is Medical Weight Loss?

    Medical weight loss is a term that refers to medically guided weight management programs. These programs help patients lose weight and are guided by healthcare professionals. Weight management programs aren’t the same as fad diets because they involve different aspects like maintainable diet changes and regular injections to reset your metabolism to increase your energy levels so that you can lose weight quickly and safely as possible.

    At Simply.Aesthetics, we offer a medically guided weight management program in which patients undergo the hCG diet so that they can finally reach their goal weight.

    The hCG Diet and Weight Loss

    The hCG diet is a program that combines caloric restriction with hCG injections. This diet is so popular because it works. It helps patients lose weight quickly and safely, but it also helps them maintain their goal weight long-term. This diet aims to retrain the hypothalamus, adjust and reset the metabolism, and force the body to burn excess fat while preserving lean muscle mass.

    How and Why It Works

    hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is a hormone made by pregnant women. When isolated and injected into the body in low doses, hCG helps burn fat by breaking down abnormal fat cells, which the body then releases as energy. This diet is an effective option for those who want to target stubborn fat and lose inches to reach their weight goals. The first step in this process is an initial consultation with one of our experts.

    Based on your goals, we can design either a 23-day or 40-day hCG program for you. We will perform a thorough medical screening and physical exam prior to beginning the diet and then will monitor your progress each week through regular weigh-ins and blood pressure checks. We’ll provide you with detailed diet directives and a list of acceptable foods. Our experts will tell you what to eat and when to eat it and then schedule your injectable hCG appointments.

    What To Expect

    This diet is so effective because even though you’ll be eating a very low amount of calories each day, the hCG injections combined with the vitamin B12 and MIC/slim injections will help increase your energy levels so that you feel neither deprived nor drained.

    Your body will efficiently and effectively burn fat for fuel, and you’ll notice some incredible results. Depending on your starting weight, diet plan, and ultimate goals, you can expect to lose anywhere from one to three pounds per day.

    Keeping the Weight Off

    The hCG diet is so effective because it helps patients lose weight and resets their metabolism, which also helps the body operate efficiently once the diet is over. Our goal is to help you reach your weight loss goals and also help you understand the benefit of cutting out unhealthy foods from your lifestyle. After removing processed foods and excess sugars from your diet during the 23 or 40-day period, you’ll understand the benefit of eating clean, whole, nutritious foods.

    You will also notice a stark contrast between how your body feels after eating processed foods and how it feels when it runs like a well-oiled machine. You can expect improvements in your hair, skin, and overall health and wellness as you undergo this medical weight loss program and become a healthier, slimmer you.

    Vitamin B 12 and MIC/Slim Injections

    You will receive regular hCG injections during this program, but we will also offer the option of custom add-on vitamin B12 and MIC/slim injections to help take your weight loss to the next level. These specific injections will increase metabolism, help maintain energy levels, promote fat burning, and detoxify the liver.

    Full Hormone Evaluations

    For patients who qualify, we also offer full hormones evaluations. Sometimes imbalanced hormones are why the body can’t shed that extra weight. If you find that you can’t lose weight, have low energy levels, and have difficulty maintaining lean muscle mass, your hormones may be to blame. A full hormone evaluation will determine whether or not you are suffering from a deficiency that we can easily treat and resolve through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

    Am I a Candidate?

    Weight loss is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have trouble losing weight on your own and need the support of medical experts to guide you through a diet that actually works, you may be the perfect candidate for our medical weight loss program and the hCG diet. Patients who want to lose anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds or more make good candidates for this program, especially if their BMI qualifies them as obese.

    An initial consultation at our office is the best way to determine whether this program is right for you. Once we confirm you are a good candidate, we can move forward and begin the treatment process so that you can begin to lose weight and get one step closer to reaching your goals. If at any point you have questions about the diet, you can simply contact our office and our experts will answer those questions.

    Say Goodbye to That Extra Weight

    Our experts will take the necessary steps to design a program that’s right for you. The hCG diet may be exactly what you need to kickstart your metabolism and transform your life. If you want to overhaul your diet, find freedom from food addictions and emotional eating, and transform your body by losing that extra weight and maintaining your weight goal long-term, our experts are ready and waiting to help you become the best version of yourself.