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Medical Weight Loss: How the HCG Diet Can Help

    There comes a time when you say enough is enough when you are unhappy with your weight. Living with obesity can make you feel like you are trapped inside your body. You want to be all you can be without all that unwanted weight holding you back. You’ve tried to take control of your weight on your own, but nothing has worked for you. You’re so discouraged. You don’t know which way to turn. It’s time to consider taking a different approach. Team up with our team and give the HCG diet a chance to change your body. It’s a form of medical weight loss that could do the trick for you.

    Understanding How the HCG Diet Works

    When you go on the HCG diet under medical supervision, you will be prescribed injections of human chorionic gonadotropin, also known as HCG. HCG is a hormone that increases in production when a woman is expecting. It plays an important role in the healthy development of the baby. It’s also the reason women experience morning sickness. HCG won’t make you feel nauseous. However, it will suppress your appetite.

    When you don’t have the urge to eat, it’s much easier to embrace the next component that is necessary to be successful. You’ll need to drop your calorie intake every day. Your allowed number of calories will depend on how much weight you need to lose and how soon you want to see results. While you are on the diet, your metabolism will jump into high gear. You’ll start burning off that annoying fat. It will be easier to build muscle as you become more active. The pounds will finally go away.

    Why Choose Medical Weight Loss?

    Too many people try to lose weight by themselves. It’s too easy to lose your motivation. When you sign up for medical weight loss, a team of experts will be your guide. You’ll have someone who personally evaluates you and tailors your weight loss program for you. You will be monitored closely to make sure your diet is working for you.

    It’s Time to Let Your True Self Shine

    Make an appointment at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan to talk to a qualified professional about medical weight loss and the HCG diet. This is your chance to find out what you will look like under those layers you don’t want. If the HCG diet is right for you, we will prescribe your injections and let you know how often you will need the injections. You’ll also be given recommendations for the amount of calories you can have in a day and exercises that could be helpful. Please contact us today to book a medical weight loss consultation and get all the facts about the HCG diet!