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Look Younger and Happier with XEOMIN

    When a person has dynamic wrinkles on their face, especially in the brow area, others often think that the person is older than they really are and that they are often in a bad mood. When you have a lot of skin on your brow and you have a lot of creases in your forehead, you look angry. You may notice that people do not feel comfortable approaching you. And if someone was to guess your age, they may guess an age that is quite a bit older than you really are. We invite you to learn how you can look younger and happier with XEOMIN®.

    When you think of an individual who has a grumpy face, you likely think of someone who has deep creases in their forehead, even if they do not have a lot of hanging skin or if they are a younger individual. However, it is those lines on the forehead that indicate a person is angry, grumpy, or is not in a good mood.

    When you have dynamic wrinkles on your forehead, you are sending a message to others that you likely do not want to be sent. You may not be in a bad mood, but those deep creases in your forehead make you look like you are. When you use XEOMIN®, you can relax the muscles in your forehead, which will cause those creases in your forehead to smooth out. The result is that you look a lot happier and more approachable.

    When you think of an individual who is old, you think of someone who has a lot of wrinkles. XEOMIN® can help you look younger because it will smooth out those facial wrinkles. It is especially effective when it comes to getting rid of dynamic wrinkles that are the result of making repeated facial expressions over the years.

    It is good for our clients in the NYC area to understand how XEOMIN® can help them. They should be realistic when it comes to their expectations for the treatment. You should not expect to have 10 years or more taken off your perceived appearance. However, the treatment can certainly help you to look younger overall.

    Addressing lines and wrinkles with XEOMIN® is very easy. It all starts with a consultation at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started!