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How Long Do Dysport Injections Last?

    Dysport is a popular member of the family of facial fillers used to treat and prevent the appearance of frown lines. If you have frown lines on your face that you wish would just go away, we can make that wish come true. At Simply.Aesthetics located in Manasquan, NJ, our skin care professionals use artistic skills to carefully inject this temporary, anti-aging treatment so that you can enjoy a wrinkle-free face for months at a time.

    How Long Do Dysport Injections Last?

    If you’re asking yourself if choosing this treatment will require a lot of time in regular weekly appointments, the answer is no. Since this is a temporary treatment, the effects won’t last forever, but, they’ll last long enough that you’ll only have to get injections at least 4 times a year. It all depends on your preference. Dysport’s anti-aging and smoothing effects last anywhere from 3 to 4 months, but can also last as long as 6 months.

    It All Depends on Your Body

    The length of time that Dysport lasts comes down to your particular body. Everyone’s body metabolizes the injection’s ingredients differently. Once the ingredients are fully metabolized by the body, they leave the body, and in turn, the effects disappear. For those that metabolize these ingredients quickly, effects may only last 3 months. Those who metabolize the ingredients slowly may see their results last as long as 6 months.

    What Exactly Is Dysport?

    Dysport, like Botox, is a neuromodulator. Neuromodulators are anti-aging treatments that come in injection form and when inserted into the skin, they work to paralyze the muscles. They are typically inserted into areas where the muscle moves the most frequently, therefore resulting in the most expression lines and wrinkles.

    How Does It Work?

    Once injected, it immediately begins to work to paralyze the muscles in the areas of treatment. When the muscles are unable to move, so is that particular area of your face. When the face can’t continue to move up, down and across all of those areas where lines have formed, the skin relaxes and lines begin to fade. Lines that have plagued your face for years will disappear and you’ll look and feel years younger.

    Where Is It Used?

    While other injectables treat lines and wrinkles all over the face, Dysport is typically used to treat the frown lines located between and above the eyebrows. It is injected into the five points between the eyes and above the eyebrows that make the shape of a very wide letter V. It treats the lines that develop in that particular area as a result of frowning.

    How Soon Will I See Results?

    While similar treatments such as Botox take close to a week to show up on your face, you’ll see a difference from Dysport in the area of treatment within 48-72 hours. One of the benefits of this particular injectable is that it is very fast-acting so you don’t have to wait very long before noticing a difference in the appearance of your wrinkles.

    What Are the Benefits?

    Results Are Quick

    After this treatment, you’ll see a change in your wrinkles and frown lines very quickly. You don’t have to spend time waiting and checking in the mirror constantly to see if you look different. You’ll begin to notice right away.

    Results Are Natural

    If you’re hesitant about treating your lines and wrinkles with an anti-aging injection because you’re worried about looking unnatural, you don’t need to be. This injectable provides very natural results that will give you a fresh, rested look without changing how you actually look. You feel confident in the hands of our skilled and professional skin care experts.

    Results Are Long-Lasting

    Once the treatment is injected, you’ll be on your way to having your frown lines disappear and they’ll stay that way for up to 6 months. That means if you’re happy with your results up to 6 months, to maintain them you’ll only need two injection appointments a year. However, if you notice that you’re unhappy with your results after 4 months, you can easily come back for maintenance injections at that point as well. The choice is in your hands.

    Results Are Temporary

    You may wonder how exactly the fact that it is temporary is an advantage. If for whatever reason you need to discontinue the use of the product for a time, you can easily do so. When injections are stopped, your body will simply metabolize the ingredients and its effects will slowly wear off. Your face will slowly return to its pre-injection state. When you’re ready to resume injections, just make an appointment and you’ll shortly be on your way to smooth skin again.

    Learn More

    If your frown lines are affecting your self-image, know that you don’t have to let them. Let us help you become the best version of yourself with Dysport injections; increased confidence is only a phone call away. Contact our skin care experts today at Simply.Aesthetics located in Manasquan, NJ and make the appointment that will boost your confidence today.