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How Can You Lift Your Cheeks? Discover Voluma


    Aging affects everyone differently, but a lot of people lose volume in the middle of their face and their cheek area. With Juvederm’s dermal filler Voluma, you can effectively restore your high cheekbones and regain the filled-out look of your face. At Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, NJ, we will be happy to welcome you to the clinic and tell you more, whether you live here in New Jersey or further away in NYC.

    Lift Your Cheeks with Voluma

    As we age, we often lose the high cheekbones and plump cheeks of our youth so that the middle of our face looks sunken and hollow. Fortunately, there’s a simple and effective treatment that can help. As part of the Juvederm family, it is an injectable gel that’s specifically designed to address any sagging or loss of volume in the facial area.

    The filler can restore the cheekbone, cheek, and chin areas to their former plump and youthful appearance by providing more volume and moisture. The formula is FDA-approved and has been successfully used in Europe since the year 2005. We most commonly recommend this option to women who are seeking to restore that high-cheekbone look and hoping to smooth out the middle of the face.

    How It Works

    This type of filler is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that can be found naturally in your body. It is most common in tissues such as the skin and the eyes and works to keep them lubricated and moisturized. Since problems with dry skin and loss of volume due to less water retention are common as we age, this substance is one of the most effective methods of addressing such concerns.

    The gel used for treating issues with facial volume is thicker than others, which is why it can address this issue so effectively. The hyaluronic acid has also been cross-linked, so it is less likely to break down over time and will last longer than many traditional dermal fillers. You won’t have to return for treatment very frequently, which is one of the reasons why this option is so popular at our clinic.

    What to Expect at Your Appointment

    Before deciding that this is the right treatment for you, we will invite you for an initial consultation. During this appointment, you can tell us about your cosmetic concerns, past treatments, and what you hope to achieve. If you’re seeking to add volume to your cheeks, we may suggest this type of Juvederm treatment and come up with a detailed treatment plan.

    Your Sessions

    In many cases, you will only need to come to the clinic once for this type of filler. If you simply want to touch up the volume in your cheeks, you may be in and out of your practitioner’s office in under an hour, but if your treatment is more complex, it may take longer. To make sure you won’t feel any pain from the injections, we first apply a topical numbing cream to the affected area.

    After this has started working, we then inject the gel in strategic spots to create the best look. You might only need one syringe to touch up the cheek area, especially if this is the first time you are receiving treatment. Remember that Juvederm is technique-sensitive, so all of our providers are highly trained and experienced in this method.

    What to Do Before and After Treatment

    Because dermal fillers are a minimally invasive form of treatment, there won’t be too much to keep in mind before and after your session. We will give you some specific instructions at your initial consultation, such as to stop taking any blood-thinning drugs several days before the injections. It’s also a good idea to stop smoking, since this can speed up the healing process and allow you to maximize your results.

    After your session, you’ll be able to go back to work and your social activities straight away, and you can even drive yourself home from our clinic. While we might tell you to avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight or very warm temperatures, the instructions will be very limited and you won’t feel too restricted.

    Your Results

    You’ll instantly notice a difference in facial volume, and the results will continue to intensify over the next two weeks. This process is called settling, as the filler starts to do its job and impact the shape of your face. While your outcome depends on your age and the condition of your skin, the vast majority of our patients see excellent results. Voluma is unusually long-lasting for a dermal filler, and you may not need a touch-up for 1-2 years after your first session.

    Regain Your Youthful Complexion with Juvederm

    Juvederm Voluma is an effective and quick way to increase the volume of your cheeks and regain that smooth, plump look of your youth. By spending a few hours with us, you can enjoy your new and improved facial contours for up to two years, as this treatment is extremely long-lasting. What’s more, there’s no downtime involved because dermal fillers are minimally invasive. To get started, call us at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, NJ today.