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Get the Body You Want with CoolSculpting

    Fatty areas represent one of the biggest hurdles in achieving the body shape you desire. These deposits can remain even after undertaking rigorous exercise regimens and carefully following the strictest of diets.

    Traditional methods of removing these deposits have been riddled with downsides. Surgery leaves scars. Liposuction can leave loose skin. Laser treatments can create pigmentation issues, burn skin, and create other problems.

    CoolSculpting® remains as one of the safest and most effective ways to remove unwanted fat. This procedure can leverage fat’s weakness to temperature changes to safely remove fat.

    Understanding Why Troublesome Fat Deposits Exist

    Fat accumulates in the body as a form of long-term energy storage. It is designed to provide your metabolic processes with the energy you will need if you ever encounter a famine or another survival situation.

    The problem is that few people encounter these situations, which means that fat can accumulate in your body. It tends to be added at an even rate around your body, but only the fat closest to muscles and organs will tend to be utilized.

    In areas where fat is denser or further away from these energy users, fat will remain. It will develop into unsightly deposits that can tarnish your overall image.

    Given the unique processes responsible for creating and maintaining this fat, this means that you may find it next to impossible to remove it through diet and exercise alone.

    CoolSculpting®: A Quick Explanation of How It Works

    CoolSculpting® utilizes the processes of cryolipolysis. This removes heat from the fat cells, which in turn leads them to becoming damaged. The body naturally removes these damaged cells as waste, allowing for you to experience gradual fat removal.

    The way CoolSculpting® works is relatively straightforward: the areas that will be treated may be cleaned and prepared. The CoolSculpting® wand is then applied to your skin. After a treatment session, your body will begin disposing of the affected fat cells.

    Why You Should Choose CoolSculpting® to Achieve the Body You Want

    CoolSculpting® is an incredibly reliable and non-invasive fat removal procedure. This gives it a few unique benefits over other fat removal techniques.

    The biggest benefit is safety. There is no need for surgery, which means there is a minimal risk of infection. Candidates that may be too fragile to undergo surgical fat removal procedures may be able to undergo CoolSculpting®.

    Another advantage is the way fat is gradually removed from the body through natural means. This ensures that the results look natural, and that the skin is allowed to tighten on its own.

    The last major benefit of CoolSculpting® is the superior level of comfort it gives patients. You can relax during the procedure, especially when your treatment is being administered by an experienced provider.

    To learn more about CoolSculpting®, or to see if you are a candidate for this cutting-edge fat removal procedure, contact Simply.Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation appointment.