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Fat Reduction via CoolSculpting

    There is a direct connection between how you look and how you feel. If there is something about your appearance that you do not like, this can cause you to feel self-conscious. Lots of people feel down because of having unwanted fat on their body, especially if they have been working hard to get rid of it. We invite you to learn about how fat reduction via CoolSculpting® can improve your appearance and the way you feel about yourself.

    How CoolSculpting® Can Benefit You

    This treatments is best for individuals who live an overall healthy and active lifestyle. It is perfect for people who have tried to lose weight on their own but are not getting the results that they hoped for. It will address specific pockets of fat on the body.

    Fat reduction via CoolSculpting® has brought relief to individuals who have never been able to achieve a slim and contoured body through just diet and exercise. The problem is that a person can exercise like crazy and restrict their diet but will not have control over where fat will be lost on the body. A person may have a completely slim body but be left with fat on their thighs, hips, or abdomen. These trouble spots can be addressed with CoolSculpting®.

    How the Treatment Works

    Before you decide if this treatment is right for you, it is good for you to have a basic understanding of how fat reduction via CoolSculpting® is possible. Intense cold is used to damage fat cells in specific areas of the body in a non-surgical and non-invasive way.

    An applicator will be placed on an area where you have unwanted fat, perhaps on your thighs, upper arms, or abdomen. The applicator will bring the fat in the area down to a temperature where the fat cells will be damaged but the skin and all the other tissue will be left unharmed.

    You are not going to get immediate results with this fat reduction treatment. It takes some time for your body to flush away all of the fat cells that were damaged during the treatment session. You are likely to see the full results of your treatment a couple of months after the CoolSculpting® session. This is why we feel like winter is a great time for individuals to have their treatment performed and then feel ready to wear their swimsuit during summer.

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