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Fat Freezing: How It Works

    Allowing any part of your body to become too cold can cause lasting damage to the local cells. In fact, when subjected to extreme temperatures, some cells will simply die off. It is based upon this premise that fat freezing procedures were born. These new and incredibly popular treatments are currently being used to dramatically reshape and streamline the human physique without the need for invasive surgeries.

    Fat Cells Freeze Before Skin Cells Do

    If freezing fat was as easy as applying ice to your trouble zones, getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat would be something that you could safely do right at home. The real challenge in fat freezing is being able to damage only the targeted fat cells without causing any harm to the overlying skin. The science of fat freezing is called cryolipolysis and it capitalizes on the fact that fat cells freeze and die off at a different temperature than skin cells do. As such, by applying the right temperature to the treatment area, our team is able to kill off unwanted fat cells while making sure that all of the skin, muscle, and connective tissues within the targeted region remain totally unharmed.

    What Happens During and After a Procedure?

    Surprisingly, fat freezing procedures are among the most comfortable and least disruptive fat removal treatments that people can have performed. Unlike lipo-sculpting and liposuction surgeries that require incisions, sutures, actual tissue removal, and lengthy recovery times, the average fat freezing procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete, and it entails absolutely no downtime.

    During these procedures, a cooling device is placed directly on top of the targeted area. This device then cools the area to the perfect temperature for ensuring both the die-off of unwanted fat cells and the continued health of the local skin. Once this temperature is achieved, the device is removed and patients are free to go about their everyday activities.

    The body finishes the job by breaking down and eliminating the fat cells that have been damaged or destroyed during these treatments. As a result, the targeted area will invariably become slimmer over the weeks that follow these appointments.

    Why Choose Cryolipolysis?

    Fat freezing is far preferable to both liposuction and lipo-sculpting in many ways. Because there are no incisions with these treatments, there’s also no risk of scarring. Moreover, fat freezing allows for the permanent removal of unwanted fat. And the results look completely natural.

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