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Does Juvederm Work Immediately?


    At Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, NJ, we understand that some of the natural side effects of the aging process are unwelcome. That’s why we’re proud to offer Juvederm and other anti-aging treatments to help our clients look as young as they feel. Today, we’re taking a closer look at this injectable, including how quickly the treatment works.

    Does Juvederm Work Immediately?

    Yes, Juvederm starts working immediately. Also, the initial results of the treatment become apparent immediately. For instance, you may notice that fine lines have disappeared as soon as your treatment is complete. If you are treating moderate-to-severe concerns, you will notice an increase in localized volumization, but you shouldn’t expect to see your final treatment results.

    How Soon Will My Final Results Become Apparent?

    Numerous factors affect how quickly the final results of this treatment materialize. For example, the severity of your cosmetic concerns significantly affects how quickly you will see your final results. Also, the health of your skin affects how soon your final results will become apparent.

    The final results of this anti-aging injectable are derived from your skin producing extra collagen and elastin in response to the treatment. Therefore, if your skin is healthy, you can expect to produce collagen and elastin quickly and enjoy your final results within 10 days rather than 14.

    How Can I See My Final Results As Quickly as Possible?

    If you’re anxious for your final results to become apparent as soon as possible, you’re in good company. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help the filler spread throughout the treatment area and settle into place as quickly as possible.

    There are also steps you can take to ensure your skin is producing collagen as efficiently as it can. For instance, you can hasten your final results by giving yourself a very gentle massage in the treatment area for five minutes. You can also hasten your final results by ensuring you are hydrated, nourished, and well-rested.

    How Long Does Preparing for This Treatment Take?

    We can tell you how long it will take you to prepare for this treatment during your initial consultation. Sometimes, there are no preparation steps required. However, in other cases, it can take two weeks or longer to prepare for this treatment.

    For instance, this treatment is not recommended for individuals who have had skin irritation, like a sunburn or active skin infection within 14 days of the scheduled appointment. Therefore, you will have to keep your skin from becoming irritated for 14 days after you heal from the initial skin irritation.

    Other Steps You May Need to Take to Prepare

    We will ask you about all of the nutritional supplements, over-the-counter drugs, and prescription drugs you are taking during your initial consultation. Depending on the pharmaceuticals you are currently taking, you may have to stop taking certain drugs and supplements for a few days before your injection session.

    For example, you need to stop taking any blood-thinning drugs or supplements 72 hours before your scheduled appointment. Examples of drugs and supplements that can thin your blood include NSAIDs, MAOIs, fish oil supplements, vitamin E supplements, vitamin K supplements, and garlic supplements.

    How Long Can I Expect the Results of My Treatment To Last?

    Depending on several factors, including the health of your skin, your metabolism, and the formula used, you can expect the final results of your Juvederm injections to last for six to 24 months.

    How the Formula Chosen Affects the Longevity of Your Results

    The formula used to achieve your ideal cosmetic results plays a major role in how long the results will last because each formula is unique. Every Juvederm formula features a polysaccharide called hyaluronic acid (HA) and a small amount of lidocaine. However, the HA’s manufacturing process varies, and the size of the HA molecules varies depending on the formula. For instance, Voluma features an incredibly robust version of hyaluronic acid, and it is manufactured with proprietary cross-linking technology.

    Due to the highly advanced manufacturing process and large HA molecules, you can expect the results of Voluma injections to last for up to 24 months. On the other hand, your results may only last for up to a year if you opt for Volbella injections because the HA molecules in the formula are much smaller than the molecules in Voluma’s formula.

    Am I a Good Candidate for Juvederm Injections?

    Due to the hypoallergenic nature of hyaluronic acid, you don’t have to take an allergy test to verify that you are a good candidate for Juvederm injections. However, you need to let us know whether you are allergic to lidocaine before we can advise you on whether you qualify.

    Discover Today How You Can Walk Around the Big Apple With Confidence

    Are you sick and tired of feeling self-conscious about sagging, wrinkled skin? Are you ready to walk the streets of NYC with confidence? If so, Juvederm injections are probably right for you. To find if this instantaneous treatment is right for you, book an appointment with us today at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, NJ. We look forward to meeting you and developing a comprehensive treatment plan for you.