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Considering the PRP Facial

    The drawback of many of the beauty treatments in NYC is that they leave you with unnatural-looking results. Your goal with facial rejuvenation isn’t to look like a completely different person, but to look like the best possible version of yourself. The PRP facial is an all-natural beauty treatment that enhances your own beauty and address all of the skin concerns that you might have. If you’ve been considering the PRP facial, well, then it’s time to take the plunge and experience its many benefits for yourself.

    What is PRP?

    PRP is also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy. This treatment has been used for years to help rejuvenate the body in many different ways. In orthopedics, PRP is used to help the body heal from injuries. In hair restoration, PRP is used to help regrow a patient’s own natural hair. And in facial rejuvenation, PRP is used to address the many signs of aging.

    Platelet-let rich plasma is the part of your body that is responsible for helping the body heal cells and tissues. PRP contains white blood cells, stems cells, and proteins called growth factors. When a concentrated dose of PRP is injected back into the body, it initiates the healing process and also encourages the production of collagen and elastin.

    The Process

    The PRP facial will begin with a routine blood draw. Your blood sample will then be placed inside of a state-of-the-art centrifuge, which is able to spin blood fast enough so that it is separated into its different components. From there, we will extract your PRP and will be able to create a serum that can then be injected into the areas of your face that we want to target for rejuvenation.

    The PRP facial uses nothing else in order to get results. There are no fillers, chemicals, or lasers involved. It relies solely on your blood’s superpower ability to heal your skin. There is also no risk of an allergic reaction and no downtime. This non-invasive treatment should take no longer than an hour, and then you can get right back to your life.

    Why You Should Consider This Option

    The PRP facial is one of the only beauty treatments out there that can address all of the signs of aging as well as other skin conditions. For one, as the PRP facial will increase your skin’s production of collagen, it is able to greatly reduce all of the fine lines and wrinkles that have appeared around your nose, eyes, and mouth. This facial can also be used to address those deeper wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyes. Furthermore, the PRP facial tightens and improves the laxity of your skin so that it is more supple and smooth. Overall, the PRP facial leaves your skin looking years younger.

    Get In Touch with Us for More Information

    If you’ve been considering the PRP facial, then there’s no better time to get the skin you’ve been dreaming of! To learn more, we welcome you to reach out and make an appointment with Simply.Aesthetics. At our convenient location in Manasquan, NJ, our caring team of professionals will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!