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Body Sculpting FAQs: Does Fat Freezing Really Work?

    Fat freezing, also known as Coolsculpting, is a fairly new treatment that aims to eliminate fat from stubborn zones without the need for invasive surgery or downtime. As the only FDA-approved procedure of its kind, this form of body sculpting results are proven, reliable and lasting. This is not a weight-loss procedure but a spot treatment for bulges and problem areas that are difficult to tone. We at Simply.Aesthetics offer this fat freezing that will help you look great and feel more confident than ever.

    But how does this treatment work? Who is it for? In this article, we’ll address the question of how and why Coolsculpting really works, who it’s for, and other commonly asked questions.

    Body Sculpting FAQ

    Does Fat Freezing Actually Work?

    It does! The trouble with dieting away fat from problem areas is that fat cells don’t actually disappear. Instead, they expand and contract as people gain and lose weight. The number of fat cells a person has is generally set during childhood and adolescence and does not vary much into adulthood.

    When you lose weight, your body is taking nutrients from these cells rather than consuming them wholesale. If the body takes nutrients from one area but not another, it can wind up with bulges that are difficult to get rid of. CoolSculpting, though, actually rids these areas of the fat cells themselves rather than shrinking them down, resulting in long-lasting change.

    How Does This Treatment Get Rid of Fat Cells?

    This form of body sculpting uses cold to freeze fat cells in problem areas. Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than their surrounding tissue, so, using precise temperature control, it is possible to freeze fat without damaging anything else. This is how Coolsculpting works. The fat cells that are isolated and treated freeze and crystalize, killing them. Your body then naturally processes and disposes of these dead cells, leaving behind a more sculpted zone.

    Body sculpting in this manner doesn’t work overnight, though. It takes a bit of time for the body to process the crystalized cells. In as little as three weeks, you’ll begin to see the results of your treatment. In two months there will be a much more noticeable change. Your body will continue to flush fat cells from your system for up to four to six months after your initial treatment. It might seem like magic, but it really does work! Further treatments down the line may help enhance your results even further. Typically, you’ll see a reduction in fat of around 10-30% from a single session.

    What Is the Treatment Like?

    When you come into Simply.Aesthetics for a body sculpting treatment, one of our professionals will first apply a gel pad to the area that’s to be treated. This pad creates a buffer between your skin and the cooling panels that are going to do the job of freezing your fat cells away. Then, an applicator will be applied to the area.

    You’ll feel some pressure during this phase. Once the applicator is applied, all you have to do it relax and wait. The amount of time a treatment takes will vary from person to person and depend on the area being treated.

    Does It Hurt?

    Body sculpting in this manner requires putting the treated area between two cold plates to freeze the fat underneath the skin. This can result in a feeling of pressure in addition to the expected cold. Soon though, the skin will be numbed and you won’t feel much of anything at all. Many people read or even work on their laptops while undergoing treatment.

    Is There Any Downtime?

    Coolsculpting is a completely non-invasive treatment. There are no incisions and no injections whatsoever. Most patients can go right back to their daily routine; it’s even possible to undergo a treatment over a long lunch break and be back at work that same day.

    What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for Coolsculpting?

    People who have noticeable bulges in certain areas, particularly the flanks, abdomen, and thighs, make great candidates for this treatment. This form of body sculpting is designed for people who have unwanted bulges of fat that resist the effects of diet and exercise rather than those looking for a quick weight-loss fix. This is not a solution for obesity in the way that a procedure like a gastric bypass can be. Instead, think of it as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

    Will the Fat Return?

    Keep in mind that the fat cells that made the treated area a problem zone have been flushed away, so there will naturally be less fat there. If you do gain weight after a treatment, chances are you will gain it more evenly all over your body and not just in the previously treated areas.

    Fat Freezing: A Solution That Works!

    A quick, easy, non-invasive solution to stubborn fat in places like the belly or the thighs sounds like a pipe dream, but Coolsculpting has made it a reality. If you are someone who has good diet and exercise habits but is frustrated with stubborn fat, this is the solution that you have been waiting for. Contact us at Simply.Aesthetics to schedule a consultation and find out if Coolsculpting is right for you!