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Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

    Botox® is suitable for most all skin types, but the amount and location of smile lines, crow’s feet and dimples determines whether this treatment will be effective. Botox® is an injectable, but unlike dermal fillers that plump up a region of the face, it causes facial muscles to relax. This prevents the appearance of fine wrinkles when the face is contorted.

    Before deciding to undergo this simple, cosmetic procedure, it is important for you to consult with us so that they can get all of the facts about the effectiveness of Botox® and what kinds of wrinkles it can work on. Botox® isn’t an abrasive resurfacing technique. Rather, it is a method of smoothing the skin on the face through muscle relaxation. Most adults with thinning facial skin are susceptible to the appearance of smile lines, and these wrinkles can be significantly smoothed out when Botox® is used.

    The Best Candidates 

    Most adults who have thinning facial skin and poor collagen production begin to notice the fine wrinkles that develop along the corners of the mouth and adjacent to the eyes. Large forehead folds are usually caused by an excess of fatty tissue, but small, horizontal frown lines around the eyebrows are most often the result of brittle skin. Those who suffer from these annoying wrinkles are excellent candidates for Botox®.

    Botox® doesn’t discolor the skin, so it is suitable for all skin tones. It also doesn’t require skin ablation or any other form of surgery, so it is the perfect alternative to any surgical technique that leaves incision scars.

    How Botox® is Administered

    Botox® is a fluid containing a purified protein solution. It works only as a muscle-relaxing agent. When injected beneath the skin, Botox® relaxes the nerves that control facial muscles.

    We first look at the client’s face closely and ask that several facial expressions be produced. This lets us know where the smile lines and frown wrinkles occur. The injections are then made in the desired areas.

    The muscle-relaxing action takes about one or two days. The facial muscles no longer contract as much as they did before, and the result is smoother skin when the client frowns or smiles. The procedure takes only about 30 minutes, but the results last for up to six months or longer.

    After Treatment

    No downtime is experienced by the client. He or she can resume normal activities at once. After two or three months, the muscles become more or less trained to stay relaxed, so subsequent injections over the next few years require less and less of the Botox® solution.

    Contact Us Today

    Botox® is one of the most effective yet simple solutions to the problem of age-related facial wrinkles. To find out if you can benefit from this non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, set up a consultation at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan, proudly serving the New York City and surrounding areas. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more.