Alleviate Body Aches with a Swedish Massage

December 19, 2016

Swedish massage is the best-known and most common type of massage in Western countries. It is also the ancestor of other types of massage, including deep tissue massage and sports massage. Since it is a Western technique, it is based on an understanding of physiology and anatomy as opposed to the energy flow of Asian techniques.

What Does a Swedish Massage Involve?

This form of massage can be relaxing, gentle and slow, or it can be quick and invigorating, depending on the client’s desires. It is performed at our office with a custom blend of aromatherapy. It always involves a collection of strokes. The following are the most common:

  • Effleurage is a long, gliding, smooth stroke done to relax the client
  • Petrissage is a kneading, rolling or squeezing that often follows effleurage
  • Tapotement is a brief and alternating tap that the therapist can do with fingers, cupped hands or the side of the hand, depending on the situation
  • Friction is a circular motion, during which the therapist presses deep into the client’s skin to make tissue layers rub against each other to break down scar tissue and to stimulate circulation

What Can the Client Expect?

The Swedish massage will take place in the comfort of our office in Manasquan. Our experienced and talented therapist will make sure the room’s ambiance is pleasant and relaxing. The therapist may rub lotions or essential oils onto the client to relax them further. The client can expect a full body massage with light to medium pressure, depending on their wants and needs. The treatment session is tailored for the client.

What are the Benefits?

A Swedish massage feels good and is relaxing. Unlike deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy, it does not even risk causing pain. Swedish massage can improve the circulation and make ligaments and tendons more limber and flexible. It can also help the body expel toxins and, thus, ease strained and aching muscles.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Swedish Massage?

Most any healthy person may enjoy a Swedish massage. If you are interested in learning more about this form of massage or the other services offered on our massage menu, schedule an appointment at Simply.Aesthetics in Manasquan. Our office proudly serves clients in the NYC and surrounding areas. Contact us today to request a consultation to learn more about how a relaxing Swedish massage can alleviate your body aches.

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